Creating a culture of piano

In order to create a culture of piano in our community, we strive to program events for all ages from preschoolers to adults and all levels of musicianship from appreciative listener to professional musician. Toward that end, we opened our 2016-17 season with a workshop for a lesser-served group: the adult piano enthusiast. In October, pianist Paul Roberts …

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Kholodenko’s Concert

Reflections on the May 1, 2016 Concert By Michael Coolen The Russian words krika tishina translate, more or less, into “a screaming silence.” I thought of them while waiting for Vadym at the Eugene airport. His desire to address his recent tragedy through his music is a wonderful medicine for him and a gift to …

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Two Pianos, Two Pianists

Instead of one concert grand piano on stage, there will be two pianos at the next Steinway Piano Series concert on February 21, 2016. Our beautiful, full-throated 9 foot Steinway Model D will be on your left and a 9 foot Yamaha CFX will be on your right. The Steinway was purchased following a hugely successful community fundraising …

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Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

Beethoven’s Pianos

Here at COPI, we are particularly interested in the fortepiano, because the modern piano is considered to be the direct descendent of the fortepiano. In its day, the fortepiano distinguished itself from the harpsichord and the clavichord by its ability to produce a range of dynamics from loud to soft – an innovation made possible …

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The Naumburg Competition

You may have noticed that most of the artists who appear on our piano series have won prizes at prestigious piano competitions, such as the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. While there is some debate about the value of piano competitions, there is no doubt that these competitions have launched many successful careers. Finalists in these competitions …

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Announcing our new season

We are excited to announce the COPI season for 2015-2016. For the Steinway Piano Series, we have two wonderful soloists coming: Gilles Vonsattel and Vadym Kholodenko. Vonsattel started out in Political Science and Economics, but ended up in music winning the Naumberg International Piano Competition and an Avery Fisher Career Grant. Kholodenko’s career has been steadily rising, …

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Master Classes: Good for All

Our visiting artists often give a master class while in town. Students benefit performing before an audience and receiving instruction from these renowned pianists. However, they are not the only ones who benefit; the audience also gains much. In addition to enjoying great music in an intimate setting, the audience hears the artist talk about his or …

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