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Concerts: A Two-Way Affair

It is tempting to think of concerts as a simple or one-directional interaction: the pianist performing on stage has an impact on the audience. However, it turns out there is communication in the other direction, as well; the audience makes an impact on the pianist.

I know this because pianists often comment on our audience. They describe our listeners as attentive and responsive to the music.

Joyce Yang, for example, who performed here in February made the following comment in a thank you note: Corvallis is such a special ‘Piano town’! It feels so wonderful playing for people that really care about piano music….Thank you again and I look forward to next time!

It is clear to me now that a concert is an opportunity for the pianist and the audience to engage with each other, producing music that is alive and unique in the moment.

Come and engage with Jon Kimura Parker in our final concert of the season on May 7.

~ Bonnie Esbensen