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Two Pianos, Two Pianists

Instead of one concert grand piano on stage, there will be two pianos at the next Steinway Piano Series concert on February 21, 2016. Our beautiful, full-throated 9 foot Steinway Model D will be on your left and a 9 foot Yamaha CFX will be on your right.

The Steinway was purchased following a hugely successful community fundraising campaign, making it truly the People’s Piano. It lives in its own secure, humidity- and temperature-controlled room backstage. The Yamaha is being loaned to us by the generous folks at Classic Pianos in Portland, A&RforblogOregon. Piano movers will have to make two round trips from Portland to Corvallis, first to bring us the piano in time for rehearsals and tuning, and after the concert to take it back to Portland. It’s amazing to watch the ease with which skilled piano movers handle these large instruments.

The two pianos will come to life when Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe take the stage to deliver another of their electrifying performances. While you’re enjoying the concert, note if there is any difference in the voices of the two pianos.

More information about Anderson & Roe
More information about the program they will be playing

~ Bonnie Esbensen

Steinway Piano Series
Anderson & Roe 
Sunday February 21, 2016
4:00 PM
LaSells Stewart Center

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